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Stetzer Filter

We supply filters in multiple packs, from 3 filters up to 15. To see details of the
available options, please visit the Filters page.




Stetzer Meter

GS meterThe Stetzer meter enables you to find the best locations for your filters, thus achieving the best possible result with the fewest number of filters.

For further details, and to order a meter (but remember that you can get a free meter with some of our filter packs!), please visit the Meter page.



Earthed Sheets

These sheets enable you to ‘sleep earthed’, helping your body to recuperate after the stresses of the day.

Prices range from £55 to £200. (plus postage and packing).

To order, please visit the Sheets page.



EMF Shielding Wallpaper

wallpaperThis wallpaper helps to reduce the electromagnetic fields in a room.  Almost uniquely, it does so by absorbing the radiation, rather than simply reflecting it.

For full details, and to order, please visit the Wallpaper page.

Airtube Headsets

P1010390Airtube headsets have the advantage of massively reducing the radiation exposure experienced by the user from a mobile phone or cordless phone, particularly to the user’s head.
The final section of cord to the ear is not a wire but an air tube.

For full details, and to order, please visit the Airtube Headset page.